Friday, 12 December 2014

Teams,Ideas,Bottlenecks and Eureka Moments

So we were assigned our track (Multimedia analysis) and we formed a team (Heuristics). Now what?
As we sat and thought about all the things we wanted to build for the workshop, I was amazed how three sleep-deprived minds can come up with stuff that is amazing and totally bizarre at the same time. Or ideas darted from social-help applications to education to some completely random stuff (which I'd rather not mention here). Coming up with ideas was fun, but deciding one among them- now that was the tough part. And finally, we decided to let the others help us decide. So the presentation we put up the next day was full of unsure ideas and broken descriptions. Here's what they looked like:
  1. Automatically generating commentary for a sports match.
  2. Automatic generation of doodles.
  3. A gesture-based system that generates music depending upon the user actions.
  4. Aiding learning for dyslexic students.
Bhiksha sir and Rita ma'am helped us decide. We were going to build no.1!
Only- we had absolutely no idea how we'd go about it. Pulkit had to sit with us and brainstorm for hours before we stopped panicking and the unrealistic problem seemed possible. Well- it was toned down to something that was possible. The plan now is to be able to tell what objects are there on the video and what actions are being performed. Then maybe, we could move on to extracting key frames to obtain relevant data. And if, somehow, we managed all that, we can optimistically hope that we'll be able to teach a machine to narrate a tennis match in real time!

As of now- we still scavenging for the dataset X) You can find our latest presentation here:

We are- team Heuristics. And we'll keep you posted about all our blunders and bond-moments from this blog!

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